Microsoft XBOX to support Cross-Network Play

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In an amazing announcement, Microsoft has stated that it will support cross-network play.  Yes, that is correct, Microsoft, of all companies is on board with this.  This would allow users of the XBOX system to join gamers of other systems with cross-platform games (Madden, COD, etc.) in battle or sport.  Imagine now being able to play games regardless of system.  Now, the makers of the games and consoles will have to work together to make sure the formats and output of the games and options allow for the crossover, but this announcement is monumental in my opinion.







Support for cross-network play makes things really interesting, said Roger Entner, principal analyst at Recon Analytics.

“Microsoft has always been very closed when it comes to that,” he told TechNewsWorld. “Traditionally, if you wanted to do a muliplayer game, Microsoft insisted on the game being hosted on their servers and them having control over it.”

The company already has been supporting on a handful of games skirmishes between Xbox One and PC players who use Windows. The latest move opens up the Xbox One to competition against the PC community at large, which largely games on Valve’s Steam client.

“With the PC, it makes a lot of sense because it stays in the family,” Entner said.

“I pity the people who have to play on the console because usually they get slaughtered by the PC people. That’s why they keep these things separate,” he said, referring to arguably the most powerful combination of video game accessories on any platform: the keyboard and mouse. The PC staples are much more precise in shooter games.


If this entry into cross-network play actually moves into the desktop realm, there will need to be some more advances in gaming systems, as the desktop and laptop market keeps coming out with faster computers that blow away the performance of the consoles.  This is still a good step toward open gaming .

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  • waltercarroll

    cross-network play is a revolution that has always been wanted but never provided. i am looking forwed to buy this revolutionary console.