Amazon Echo soon to rule the home

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Amazon EchoAmazon Image  For anyone who is not familiar with the Echo, it is the modern day assistant that is starting to outshine Siri, Cortana and all other electronic assistants and voice controlled smart boxes.

Echo is fast becoming the “go to” voice assistant in the marketplace.  There are still some issues with which device or voice-activated assistant does the best job – you can read about a head-to-head test done on Appaccessories that was done last September.

With anything else, Amazon is not about to be outdone and is quickly integrating this tool into everyday life.  Amazon is working toward using Echo for Home Automation operations as well as answering all of your necessary questions about the News, Weather, Sports, etc.  Amazon is introducing programs that allow third-part vendors to integrate easily with their application layer.

Here are just a few companies working with Amazon and Echo integration

  • Belkin
  • WeMo
  • Big Ass Fans
  • Ford
  • Insteon
  • LIFX
  • Philips Hue
  • Simple Contro
  • SmartThings
  • Vivint

Also for some entertainment, check out the latest Echo Super Bowl Commercial:

Echo Super Bowl

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