Prince: Singer, Songwriter dead at 57

News surfaced earlier today from TMZ and CNN of the passing of a music legend – Prince Rogers Nelson, better known as Prince or The Artist Formerly Known As Prince, was found dead at his estate in Carver County, Minn.       Police are investigating a death at the estate of superstar Prince in more »

Bad Company’s Simon Kirke Takes a Leap of Faith

Simon Kirke may not be the flashiest drummer in rock, but he has been the rock-solid anchor for the classic band Bad Company throughout its career—from the first snare smack that kicked off “Can’t Get Enough” to the present day. In fact, Kirke is the only member of Bad Co. who’s been in every lineup more »

New Order has a new album coming out, but don’t call this a comeback, or a reunion

There were the vanguard of the post-punk movement, a band so nervy and inventive that many believed they would become the “next big thing.” But success came with a price for the members of Joy Division, and when lead singer Ian Curtis killed himself on the cusp of their superstardom, remaining members Bernard Sumner, Peter more »


Remembering Chris Squire

The first word that comes to mind when I think of Chris Squire is big. Not just for his physical size, even though he stood tall at a reported 6’5” (or more, depending on whom you ask) and had these huge hands—handy for playing bass, no doubt. Beyond those obvious attributes, he was also a more »

Fin: You’re fired, more fake news and a Gay Men’s Chorus question

NBC fired Donald Trump? Good. It’s hard to imagine a more deserved. Though I’ve been calling for NBC to cut ties with that clown since 2012, when Trump ridiculously put his name and brand behind the racist Obama birth certificate conspiracy theory. (Deadline) On the heels of this weekend’s fake New York Times website… I more »

Fin: Twitter’s autocomplete problem, the card says “Moops” and The Final Countdown

As evidenced by mistakes involving both the Supreme Court decision and the NBA Draft, Twitter appears to have an autocomplete problem (Gawker, Business Insider) Where you wondering about all those “Moops” jokes, and how the Supreme Court healthcare decision relates to the Bubble Boy? An explainer from last year (Salon) A “Final Countdown” fan theory more »

Fin: Fox and Friends’ bad day, ‘Halt and Catch Fire’ grows and FHRITP and the First Amendment

Only Fox and Friends could have a guy accidentally throw an axe at another guy, and not even have it be the dumbest moment of that particular episode. Yes, they reacted to the presidents’s contextual use of the n-word slip on Marc Maron’s show exactly how you thought they would, including two separate mispronunciations of more »

Patsy Cline is the latest nonsensical hologram

For two years we’ve been telling you about the nonsensical trend of “holograms” of deceased celebrities, and the misguided belief that people are going to pay money to see such a hologram live. It’s one thing if it’s Tupac or Left Eye or Michael Jackson- people who were at least alive recently and remain beloved more »

Taylor beats Apple: Swift blog post alters Apple Music business model

Taylor Swift on Monday did something that a long list of people and entities: Google, Microsoft, various governments and various media entities, haven’t been able to do: She bent the will of Apple. The mega-popular pop star, currently selling out huge venues all around the world, has been outspoken in recent years about protecting the more »

Taylor Swift’s “1989” off Apple Music; Apple Music will survive

One of the unanswered questions about availability on Apple Music has been answered: Taylor Swift’s current, megahit album, “1989,” will not be included in the service when it launches in late June. As reported by Buzzfeed:  Taylor Swift’s 1989, which has not been released to any streaming services, will not be available at launch on more »

Fin: Merkin news, the worst thing Sandler has done and ‘Game of Thrones’ humor

There’s TV merkin news that has nothing to do with Cersei Lannister’s walk of shame: Lewis Black has been cast in ABC’s TV movie about the Bernie Madoff scandal as a person named… Ezra Merkin. Richard Dreyfuss plays Madoff, while Charles Grodin is playing Carl Shapiro, the Boston philanthropist and Madoff victim whose name is more »

For Smash Mouth, a view from the bottom rung

Years after their mysterious but thankfully brief relevance has faded into VH1 history, the cheesy pop-rock band Smash Mouth decided to remind everyone that – now more than ever – they are totally lame. Playing an outdoor food festival in Colorado, the band’s lead singer Steve Harwell got quite upset at the crowd for throwing more »