TV Recap: True Detective “Night Finds You”

Three cops all with sordid pasts come together over a dead body. The powers that be want them to join forces but for different reasons. The question is dose anyone really want the case solved? I think I just wrote the synopsis for when you hit the info button on your remote for Season 2 more »

Fin: You’re fired, more fake news and a Gay Men’s Chorus question

NBC fired Donald Trump? Good. It’s hard to imagine a more deserved. Though I’ve been calling for NBC to cut ties with that clown since 2012, when Trump ridiculously put his name and brand behind the racist Obama birth certificate conspiracy theory. (Deadline) On the heels of this weekend’s fake New York Times website… I more »


Howard Stern is leaving America’s Got Talent for new unnamed show

Because he has a lot going on, and maybe sometimes it just feels good to walk away from over-the-top buffoonery, Howard Stern is vacating his judges’ chair on NBC’s wildly popular Nick Cannon vehicle, America’s Got Talent. But what’s next for him? The Wrap reports that Stern said during SiriusXM’s “The Howard Stern Show” on more »

He Was Enough: Dick Van Patten (1928 – 2015)

He was a child model and actor, making his Broadway debut at seven. He would go on to star in several hit shows. He was a perennial presence on radio as well, racking up hundreds of appearances on many of the popular series of the day. By the time he was 21 he was in more »

Sequel eyed for “Top Gun,” drones included

A sequel to “Top Gun”? There have been rumors about a return to the Danger Zone almost since the first film came out in 1986. But now there are more legitimate-sounding rumblings: A producer says an interview that the project is in development. Speaking at a press junket for the new Terminator in Berlin, as more »

Jeff Jarrett returns to TNA Impact, will wrestle at Slammiversary pay-per-view

With Global Force Wrestling still seeking a TV deal, and TNA in danger of losing its spot, the two sides reached out to other. TNA founder Jeff Jarrett returned to the company he founded at the June 24 TV taping to announce he’ll wrestle in “his match,” the King of the Mountain at Sunday’s Slammiversary more »

Stewart enemies on The Daily Show? Why not Bush?

With Jon Stewart signing off the Daily Show is just over a month, preparations are being made for the final shows. And apparently, it will include visits from several of Stewart’s longtime nemeses: According to a Page Six item, here’s how it may go down: We hear that producers of “The Daily Show” have been more »

A tale of two ISIS flags- and two dumb news stories

Two of the dumbest news stories of the weekend both involved the flag of ISIS. By now you’ve probably heard about the incident Saturday in which CNN broke into live coverage for a report that an “ISIS flag” had been spotted at a gay pride parade in London. Why would ISIS – an organization known more »

Fin: Twitter’s autocomplete problem, the card says “Moops” and The Final Countdown

As evidenced by mistakes involving both the Supreme Court decision and the NBA Draft, Twitter appears to have an autocomplete problem (Gawker, Business Insider) Where you wondering about all those “Moops” jokes, and how the Supreme Court healthcare decision relates to the Bubble Boy? An explainer from last year (Salon) A “Final Countdown” fan theory more »

New ‘Supergirl’ trailer is more action-focused

After the first Supergirl trailer, it wasn’t immediately clear whether this would be a superhero show or a romantic comedy. This newest trailer is kind of a condensed version of the previous ones, with a heightened focus on Supergirl being super. Glee’s Melissa Benoist landed the coveted role of Kara Zor-El, gifted with all the Kryptonian powers of her more »


How to get fired from Fox News

Employees and contributors for Fox News can get away with a lot of things that those at other news organizations can’t. Bill O’Reilly committed a Brian Williams-level offense and suffered no consequences whatsoever. The network’s history of on-air racial incidents, of course, is legion, but aside from E.D. Hill’s legendary “terrorist first jab” comment, none more »


Fans campaign to save Syfy’s ‘Helix’

Syfy cancelled Helix in April, but TV fans have learned better than to just give up. With entities such as Netflix and Yahoo now in the show reviving business, it can’t hurt to display love for your favorites. That’s what Helix viewers are doing with an online petition. Helix began as the story of scientists in an more »