Thor Ragnarok: Revenger of the Box Office

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Thor Ragnarok
The Marvel Team does it again!  Thor Ragnarok had a monster weekend at the Box Office, pulling in around $120+ million in North America with its weekend release.  With all of the bad news coming out of Hollywood lately, this injection of good clean, humorous, action-packed fun, is just what movie-goes needed.

The mixture of full-on action and effects along with the normal Thor humor, made this movie something everyone could enjoy.  With each new Marvel movie including this team of comic hero’s, Disney does not disappoint with the product they put out.  Very entertaining and visually pleasing.

In looking at the fact that this movie also brought in over $300 million overseas with its launch last week, it appears that Thor is making the 3rd quarter a good one for the movie scene.  With the overseas numbers and the opening weekend being what is was in North America, perhaps we will see another triple-digit millions before Thor leaves the big screen.  What’s next – how much can they bring in with overall media sales and offerings?

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  • Zeee

    A decent box office numbers even though it was a average movie. However its hype before the release made this achievement.